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PSA Sports Competitions Update

In light of the rapidly changing landscape in relation to COVID-19, and in the interest of the health and safety of the wider community, the PSA committee, comprised of the Heads of the seven member schools, has unanimously endorsed the cancellation of current PSA and JPSSA
summer sporting competitions, effective immediately.

This decision reflects the Federal Government’s ban on mass gatherings and the direction of national and state sporting organisations of our PSA sports, both summer and winter. Furthermore, it respects the health and welfare of our students, staff and school communities and mirrors the standards and protocols of social responsibility being asked of the wider community at this point in time.

The PSA will continue to refer and adhere to Government directives. Decisions related to the 2020 winter sports season and other PSA activities will be reviewed as required, and our communities will be advised of major updates at the commencement of Term 2. Individual schools retain the right to choose to continue training activities and other form of fitness
activity to maintain the well-being of their respective students within the context of their controlled environments. The individual schools will make decisions based on their own risk assessment.

The committee acknowledges the disappointment that will be experienced by many students, their families, staff and their respective support networks at this news. Every effort was made to explore opportunities that would have allow students the opportunity to complete their seasons, however this was not possible. Supporting our students and their families to navigate these difficult and uncertain times is our priority, as individual schools and as the PSA.

The PSA will continue to focus on being stronger together as we work through this matter. The seven member schools that constitute the PSA thank each of our school communities for their understanding and support during these unprecedented times.